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14 May 2011 ~ 3 Comments

20 Top Productivity Applications For Mac

(1) Alfred: Free

Alfred is a launch manager. Never again will you need to dig through your applications folder after you install Alfred on your Mac. Just hit alt + space (the default shortcut key) and a beautiful search box pops up in the center of the screen.Type in the first letter, and Alfred will show you the most likely applications.

Type in the second letter, and Alfred will nail the application precisely 95 percent of the time. The most commonly used applications will pop up with a single key stroke; for applications used less frequently, you might need to type in a few more keystrokes.

(2) Growl: Free

Growl is another application that you can install and forget. Growl enhances the way

26 April 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Simple Guide On The Art of Time Travel

Ever since I was a little child, astronomy has always amazed me. I loved gazing at the night sky for hours during the summer when I used to visit my grandmother’s house for vacation. I thought magnificent creatures of the cosmos magically lit up the pitch-black darkness of the night.

As I grew up, I learned in school that those magical stars were millions of light-years away. That means the light I used to see at night at my grandmother’s house was emitted from those stars millions of years ago (even before the dinosaurs were on the Earth). In many cases, there was a possibility the star I could see shining bright and strong had died off . Only if I lived for a million years could I know the fate of that star.

This realization made me

26 June 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Success is an Iceberg

“People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved ” ~

Anne Sullivan


Most people see only the Tip of the iceberg  when they look at successful people and their amazing success. Behind ever success is hard-work and a lot of sweat (in some form or another). The path to success looks easy and ordinary in hindsight. But those same paths look Outrageous ‘n Crazy to most people when successful people begin their journey.

The journey of Man to the Moon wasn’t just about J.F Kennedy , NASA or even Neil Armstrong (yes these people are the ones who helped make it possible) . The journey started when Herbert George Wells wrote his science fiction book The First Men in the